Long Island Limousine Introduce The New Mercedes Executive Sprinter Van

Long Island Limousine
Long Island Limousine
NYC – Long Island Car Service

For more than 3 years we’ve been obsessed with making sure our customers have the very best in luxury transportation. Choosing our vehicles by the way they look and ride, the amount of noise you hear while traveling, and luxurious amenities that make you feel right at home. That passion has driven us to bring you a new state of the art option for travel. Introducing, the brand new Mercedes Executive Van, the pinnacle of group luxury transportation.

Watch your favorite entertainment event. Connect to the World Wide Web. Taclimousine.com lets you have it all. Get all of these great features and over 65 more when you book this state of the art luxury group
travel vehicle. We know our customers expect nothing short of the best. Enjoy simple luxury travel redefined with the new Mercedes Executive Van offers.

•Mobile theater sound system with amplifier & sub-woofer
•6’3” of headroom
•Hardwood floors
•Personal climate control
•Tinted privacy windows
•Intercom phone •Video game prep with inverter
•110V electrical outlets ( 2 )
•12V cellphone charging outlets ( 8 )
•Interior sound deadening package
•Deluxe interior lighting controls with dimmers
•Two 32” flat screen televisions
•Direct TV ( over 158 channels )
•Wireless internet
•Wireless headphone jack system
•CD & DVD player
•iPod & HDMI inputs
•Rear touch screen high definition AM/FM radio
•Custom plush leather captain’s seats
•4 Facing bucket seats

NYC – Long Island Car Service

Beyonce & Jay Z: Couple Renew Their Wedding Vows

beyonce-jayz-renew-vows-leadBeyonce and Jay Z are stronger than ever! Hip hop’s power couple have silenced their marriage skeptics by reportedly renewing their wedding vows in a romantic European ceremony!

Rumors had been running wild for months that Beyoncé, 33, and Jay Z, 44, would be splitting up after their On the Run tour wrapped in mid-September, but they proved everyone wrong by reportedly saying their “I dos” a second time while traveling Europe. Good for them — Bey and Jay have every reason to celebrate their six years of marriage!
Beyonce & Jay Z Renew Wedding Vows: Couple Prove Their Marriage Is Still Strong

The famous parents of Blue Ivy, 2, have been putting on a united front as they jet set to European cities like Paris and London for some hard-earned R&R.

Bey and Jay were on the go nonstop during their On the Run tour and they seem to have survived their reported trouble in paradise.

The couple even renewed their vowels while traveling Europe, according to People magazine. So romantic!
Do you think Bey & Jay are stronger than ever?
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Hip hop’s royal couple had always been pretty much untouchable, until a viral video of Beyonce’s sister, Solange Knowles, 28, attacking Jay Z in elevator surfaced online, shocking fans and putting enormous pressure on Jay and Bey’s marriage.

The baby sister verses husband scandal immediately sparked divorce rumors but the couple of six years have consistently maintained their marital happiness in public.

Fast forward to now, and it seems like Beyonce and Jay Z getting exactly what they deserve — a fresh start for their union!

Beyonce & Jay Z Expecting Baby #2? Wedding Favors

Having reportedly renewed their wedding vowels, the couple’s emotional strength only seems to have grown since the summer.

As for a growing family, well, rumors continue to swirl about a potential baby number two!

However, there is one thing that this twosome is definitely producing together: a top secret album! We can’t wait!

So HollywoodLifers, what do YOU think? Are Beyonce and Jay Z are stronger than ever? Let us know!

Jordyn Shaffer

Wedding Shoes by discountweddingfavors.com

Patriotic song Sparks Basque Wedding Brawl

Wedding Shoes by discountweddingfavors.com
Wedding Shoes by discountweddingfavors.com
Everything was going well until the DJ played a Basque nationalist ballad. Photo of wedding: Shutterstock

Patriotic song sparks Basque wedding brawl

Four guests at a wedding in the Basque city of San Sebastián are facing two years in jail after the bride’s and the groom’s families got into a fight over a song played during celebrations.
•Stag night ‘kidnap’ prank hits Spanish headlines (10 Jul 13)

Wedding Shoes

Up to a hundred guests took to the dance floor after enjoying a wedding banquet at San Sebastian’s emblematic Hotel Londres.

The bride’s family, from Spain’s Basque country, were playing host to the groom’s, most of whom had travelled over from the northern Spanish city of Valladolid.

Everything was going well until a friend of the bride asked the DJ to play a Basque nationalist ballad called ‘Oi ama Eskual Herri’.

According to local daily El Diario Vasco, the groom asked the DJ to change the song because it was killing the mood.

This in turn angered the man and other relatives of the bride who took it as a lack of respect towards Basque patriotism.

Punches soon started flying between the two families with even the disc jockey getting involved in the brawl.

Five people were injured in the fight, including two policemen who were called up to break up the scuffle.

“Some of them were more ‘long live España’ whereas the others were more ‘long live ETA (Basque separatist group),” one of the guests told the court two years after the incident, as a means of describing how the two families’ Basque and Spanish ideologies clashed.
Wedding Favors
The accused are now facing up to two years in prison and fines of nearly €2,000 (€2,500) for their role in the fight and for attacking the police officers.

Choosing the proper wedding shoes 10 points to consider

Katie Love, wedding shoes developer, stocks her expertise with brides-to-be on choosing faultless wedding shoes for the big-day. Her shoes are hand crafted in Northern France from the finest materials, elaborations and Swarovski gems. The wonderful styles hold a unique secret for marriage days and contain a luxurious leather cushioning cushioning providing cashmere-like convenience to legs. Katie moves the globe searching for the best lace, satins and leathers to enhance each shoes. The shoes variety includes over 40 sets of ballet dancers, shoes, Swarovski motivated evening shoes and office shoes. The product is supplied in Harrods shoes bedroom and over 50 retailers globally. Costs varies from several $ 100 to thousands of money.

Celebrities such as Kate Hudson, Olivia Munn, Pippa Middleton have all been identified dressed in Katie Love styles. Katie Love shoes were popularly used by Pippa Middleton with her famous green Temperley outfit on the day of the elegant marriage. Aruna regularly moves to The show biz industry and has appeared on E! News. Royals have also been identified in the shoes from Queen Beatrice and Eugenie dressed in them to various family matters. Katie Love is constantly hosting trunk-shows around the globe and her most recent trips included Hong Kong, Singapore, New York and New Delhi. Other A-list stars dressed in her styles have Katherine Jenkins, Goldie Hawn and Vanessa Mae

Katie has shoes in her blood — her father is a self-made man and has built up an international shoes company. He Katie rode the fitness growth of the 1980′s, with the planets sporting top level dressed in the Ascot pro-white trainer and using Ascot crush racquets. His shoes kingdom is globally renowned, with offices in Chinese suppliers, Russian federation, Indian and France.

Katie’s background in shoes, previous investment banking experience and studies at London College of Style all provided her creating the Katie Love product.

Katie Love’s 10 guidelines to picking cheap wedding shoes:

Comfort is key. Because a marriage day continues hours standing straight on you, from strolling down the section, appearing for photo-graphs and first dance. Wedding shoes should be efficient and practical helping you grin all day to your guests. Ask yourself if you can walk in your shoes? Will your shoes be comfy all day? Practice strolling in your shoes before the big-day to break them in.

Choose shoes you really like. A need for legs to be super relaxed all day doesn’t mean jeopardising on design. Select marriage shoes you’ll really like and value for decades to come. Compared with your wedding outfit, if you select the right shoes they can be used again for further occasions. You want to experience wonderful and sexy on your marriage day, a excellent shoes is the best pick-me-up even on a normal day. Don’t worry over following styles, if you select a traditional design they will stand the ages in the marriage photo-album for decades to come.

Be organized. Shoes are as essential as the wedding outfit and couples ignore providing shoes priority. Often wedding brides focus simply on the wedding outfit and leave shoes until last. Brides are left to create quick hurried last minute choices that may eliminate the balance of the outfit. Select your shoes around one time as your wedding outfit, for one you’ll need to bring them to accessories because shoes levels determine the length of the outfit. Of course, I’d say shoes are the most essential feature of the marriage because I really like and design shoes. Related shoes look tidier and it’s better not to be frustrated if a developer is unable to supply you with a shoes you’ve dropped in really like with due to a short-time frame.

Pick the right heel-height. Stiletto loving wedding brides may need to bargain on heel-heights, consider if your spouse will be humiliated at the ceremony or marriage pictures if you are massive above him. Select a back heel size your relaxed with. If you normally wear cat pumps stay with this size, a unexpected desire to start tottering around in six-inch pumps just because it’s a unique day may back-fire.

Theme your shoes. Brides-to-be really like to concept marriages so involve shoes in the concept too. Many wedding brides call us to request our wonderful Farfalla butterfly shoes and brooches fitting in-line with their hearted butterfly designed marriages. If you have a style for design and themes, create sure every single detail is perfect. Coordinate your elaborations up, a glistening outfit, colored jewelry or gem features can all discover a wonderful shoes version so legs complement the marriage concept.

Collaborate with your outfit. Work with your wedding outfit to discover the best shoes. Use material samples to compare your outfit and shoes. Pick a shoes color matching your wedding outfit colour: a breathtaking white-colored outfit goes best with white-colored or a light gem color and an off-white dress, goes best with gem or ivory-coloured wedding shoes. If your outfit is long, shoes with elaborations or raise pumps may damage the fabric. If your outfit is brief then shoes are on display, a bit of fancy glimmer on your shoes may be more essential.

Treat you. Remember to schedule a lovely home pedicure before your big day. Slip you into your stunning marriage shoes with soft epidermis, neat cuticles and shiny painted claws. Pedicures immediately cause you to experience, rejuvenated and unique. You’ll make an impression on your new spouse with smooth-skin and of course may attract him into providing you a foot massage to on your first night of marriage.

Be a shoe-aholic. I’m a big believer in purchasing all the sets of shoes you really like to preserve you from creating a tough decision. Why not mess up yourself with a big-shoe budget before your marriage. If you are a self-confessed shoe-aholic, your big-day is an ideal a chance to need new shoes; fancy shoes for your hen-do, pumps for the big-day, sleek ballet dancers for having a party at the reception, shoes for the exotic honey-moon, the record is endless. A marriage gives a shoes lover reasons aplenty to stock up your shoes collection, ton those wonderful shoes ladies, a excellent shoes may last longer than a spouse.

Choose shoes compatible with your marriage environment and pick shoes suitable for your marriage location. For example pitching wedges and apartments are best for garden marriages to preserve from dirty pumps. Flat shoes are best for beach marriages and certain (usually historic) locations prohibit high-heeled shoes for fear of flooring being broken. There are a variety of wedding shoes available to suit different marriage surroundings for example a winter marriage can be accompanied by white-colored stunning snow-boots.

Follow a new wedding shoes custom. We are in really like with a new habit which seems to have progressed in marriage globe, “bridesmaids purchasing brides” their marriage shoes. Bridal party are creating sessions with us on part the unique bride and purchasing shoes as a marriage present. Drop this new custom into discussion with your bridesmaids, or smartly ask them to read this article for guidelines on how they can promote your marriage.v

Woman in ’9/11 wedding photo’ had no idea she was part of a mystery

Eun Kyung Kim TODAY

5 hours ago

Mimi Harris had no idea that someone had been trying to track her down for the past 13 years.

But, unbeknownst to her, a photo taken at a wedding in 2001 in which she posed with a group of friends had made its way into the Sept. 11 wreckage of the World Trade Center in New York, where it became the basis of a long-running mystery. The picture, recovered from the rubble, ended up in the hands of Elizabeth Stringer Keefe, a woman who then spent more than a dozen years trying to find someone — anyone — from that photograph.

via @ProfKeefe

This wedding photo was found in the wreckage of the World Trade Center in 2001.

Keefe finally found the answer this year, after getting a big assist from social media, and eventually connected with Fred Mahe, the photo’s owner and Harris’ date for that 2001 Aspen, Colorado wedding. Mahe now lives in Colorado but used to work in the Twin Towers, where the photo hung in his cubicle.

On Monday, the two met in person in New York. Keefe posted pictures of their meeting on Twitter to celebrate the photo’s return to its rightful owner.

And Harris, who now lives in Cleveland, found out she’d played a role in a good news story-gone-viral.

“I’m so thrilled to be a part of a story that, out of the rubble of 9/11, has been making people happy,” Harris told TODAY.com.

She said she hadn’t thought about the picture until she got a call over the weekend from her best friend.

“Her message said, ‘There’s this picture out there, and it’s crazy. You’re in it,’” Harris remembers. “So I called her and she led me to the photo on Facebook. It was really crazy.”

Harris said she probably has the original copy of the photo “somewhere in a big box of loose photos in my closet.” She never imagined that a snapshot captured at a blissful celebration 13 years ago would eventually be linked to the tragedy of Sept. 11.

“It’s incredible,” she said. “The fact that Elizabeth Keefe had this photo and kept trying to find these people, and then by God’s grace, here we are, the six people from this picture found in the rubble, and we’re all alive and well.”

Harris said she also spoke with Mahe by phone briefly Monday as he awaited a flight back home. The two broke up amicably about a year after the photo was taken, but have failed to keep in touch.

“Back then, we didn’t really have social media like we do today, so it wasn’t as easy to stay connected,” she said. She and Mahe have since married other people and started families.

“We didn’t get to talk long but it was just so wonderful,” she said.

Harris doesn’t know of any plans for a reunion with everyone in the photo — she’s in Ohio, Mahe in Colorado, the bridal couple in California — but she would definitely be up for one.

“It’s wonderful to be a part of something making happy and bringing joy to people.”

Follow TODAY.com writer Eun Kyung Kim on Google+ or on Twitter.

3 Mistakes when choosing wedding shoes

When it comes to shoes for your big day, you wish them to be perfect. Clinical Directors of Podiatry shares the top 3 mistakes that women accomplish if it comes to acrimonious wedding shoes, so you can abstain accomplishing the same!
Mistake 1: Wedding shoes that don’t fit now
You should consistently buy wedge wedding shoes that fit you NOW. Don’t argue yourself into affairs those shoes that are a little bit too bound because they’ll stretch“ it’s ambitious thinking! Buy for your anxiety now, not based on that achievement that they’ll fit altogether in time for your appropriate day!
Mistake 2: Affairs heels in the morning
A top tip is to boutique for heels appear the end of the day area possible. Our anxiety cool appear the end of the day, giving you a truer fit of the cheap wedding shoes you don’t wish to be uncomfortable, abnormally not for an black of analgesic ball moves with your guests.
Mistake 3: Cutting heels for too long
We’ve all been in the bearings if our anxiety are in a LOT of pain, but we can’t accompany ourselves to ruin the accouterments by demography off our carefully-chosen heels. At the end of the day, cutting heels for a abiding bulk of time is not acceptable for your feet, on a abbreviate or continued appellation basis. Why not accompany a adequate brace or shoes to change in to for if the photos and the aboriginal ball are over, and the affliction of the heels sets in? More alibi to buy addition brace of appealing shoes!


Cheap Wedding Shoes | Wedding Shoes

platform-wedding-shoeswedge-wedding-shoesMarriage shoes have an wonderful record that is constantly on the impact the look of the shoes that modern wedding brides select for their walk down the section.

Famous Footsteps
Cinderella, the most popular king new bride, married her royal prince dressed in dazzling glass slip-ons. Catherine de Medici, one of the first wedding brides in record simply to move down the section in rearfoot shoes, motivated a design pattern that carries on nowadays. Anglo-Saxon wedding brides thrown shoes rather than flowers to bridal party who expected to be the next to get married to. Brides in happy old Britain followed the instruction that they use “something old, something new, something obtained, something red — and a sixpence in her shoe” by tucking money into their wedding slip-ons.

Queen Victoria motivated an incredible number of modern-day wedding brides by selecting a white-colored dress and white-colored shoes for her wedding in 1840. Until then, red was the color of option for wedding outfits. Princess Diana, a statuesque 5 legs 10 inches wide high, select low-heeled, pearl-encrusted, cream color soft silk apartments for her wedding, so as not to structure over Prince Charles.
Modern Designs in Marriage Shoes
Today’s wedding brides create the trip from once upon a time to gladly ever after in all manner of miracle slip-ons — rearfoot shoes, low pushes, shoes, pushes and even bejeweled flip-flops, says Ould – Laura, mature manager at Brides.com.

“These days, wedding shoes create a real design declaration. No one wants a cookie-cutter look,” says Laura. “Brides are selecting their dresses and their accessories to indicate their own individual design. They’re taking cheap wedding shoes a step further than the traditional white-colored soft silk push.”

In reaction, developers such as Notara Wang, Jimmy Choo, Stuart Weitzman, Kenneth Cole and Manolo Blahnik have filled racks with wedding pushes, slingbacks, shoes and dancing apartments in brown, gold, gold and pewter metal colors and soft pastels, as well as cream color and white-colored. Outlining includes bows, beading, embroidering and ribbons. Great heel levels and silhouettes range from flat to stiletto. Feet can be open, shut, indicated, curved or squared.

“Are you preparing a loving wedding? A stunning event? Bohemian rhapsody? Seaside casual? A location wedding?” Laura requests. “Your dress and your shoes option will help create the weather.”

The season’s most popular styles, Laura says, are cute shoes and slingbacks and wedge wedding shoes

“Wedding shoes are so stunning that no one wants to put on them for just one day and then put them in the wardrobe,” Laura says. “Brides are selecting shoes that they can use again.”

Brides preparing beach marriages have fashionable choices that go beyond the modest rubberized flip-flop.

“Stuart Weitzman makes an lovely jam shoe with amazingly accessories and cat pushes,” Laura says. “You can also find wedding beach shoes with pitching wedge pushes and system pushes.”

Even for the coolest wedding brides, custom still performs a role. Several developers, such as Fifi, line wedding shoes with azure-colored material to meet the “something blue” need.
Clues for Happy Feet
Before you say “I do” to a shoes for the wedding, experts offer the following advice: •Don’t compromise comfort for design. Keep in mind that you’ll be on you from your move down the section to the last dancing.

•Choose a heel size you’re used to dressed in. A broader heel offers more support and balance.

•To ensure a good fit, shop for shoes at the end of the day, when you are at their biggest.

•Bring your shoes with you to dress accessories so your hemline will be just the right length.

•Wear the shoes around the house before wedding to break them in a bit.

•Blisters are the last thing a new bride needs on her special day. Just in case, put bandages and moleskin into the wedding urgent kit.

•Remember, new shoes can be slick. Carefully toughing the bottoms with a piece of emery paper will help provide grip.

Keyshawn Johnson — My Wedding Invitations … ARE iPADS!!!


Keyshawn Johnson just sent out the BEST wedding invitations ever — iPad 4s — each pre-programmed with all of the 411 for Key’s big day … TMZ Sports has learned.

It’s pretty badass.

Here’s what we know … the iPads were sent to several guests a few weeks ago — and once they’re powered on, a program opens informing the recipients about Key’s wedding events.

Also included — a photo gallery, guestbook, and countdown to the big day.

The couple also made it easy for guests to buy wedding gifts — by including the registry right on the iPad.

Of course, the woman Keyshawn is set to marry is Jennifer Conrad — his longtime GF and the mother of 2 of his children.

It’ll be Key’s second marriage.


Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2014/07/31/keyshawn-johnson-announces-wedding-to-fiancee-with-ipads/#ixzz398uDy9Ma

The Bride Wanted A Serious Wedding Photo And This Is What She Got

Kelsey Borresen

Joe Mulvihill’s wife Rachel asked him to only take serious pictures with his groomsmen at their wedding. So t

Joe Mulvihill’s wife Rachel asked him to only take serious pictures with his groomsmen at their wedding. So this is what he did:


The awesome photo was taken at the couple’s July 19 nuptials in Normandy Park, Washington. The groom told HuffPost Weddings that Rachel is no stick in the mud and was totally cool with the guys’ goofball moment.

“She laughed and immediately told me to put it on Reddit for ‘internet points.’” And so he did.

Now can we all just take a moment to acknowledge the awesomeness of those denim cowboy briefs?

Wedding Shoes Flats

Wedding Shoes Flats

Flats are derived from a woman’s soft ballet slipper with a very thin heel or the appearance of no heel at all. The

wedding shoes flats

sometimes features a ribbon-like binding around the low tops of the slipper and may have a slight gathering, decorative string tie. Wedding Shoes Flats  slippers can be adjusted and tightened to the wearer’s.

Dyeable Wedding Shoes